Jo Passed OUT Cassette RR-009

Jo Passed OUT Cassette RR-009

Jo Passed is an emergent project by songwriter/vocalist/ producer/multi-instrumentalist Joseph Hirabayashi. Joseph formerly played in Vancouver, BC-based neo-psychedelic band Sprïng, which formed out of the disbanding of pronk. experimental punk band, SSRIs. Jo Passed is always on tour, look for shows. Reissue with stamped cover.

songs by jo
vocals/guitar/piano by jo
drums by mac
drums by jo on “no, joy (i’m not real girl)”
recorded/mixed by jo
mastered by brock mcfarlane
all songs recorded in july 2015 in thor’s palace in vancouver
except “no, joy (i’m not real, girl)” recorded in sept 2015 in villeray bunker in montreal