The Flower Attunement Oracle 5-zine bundle by Felicia Howe, Primrose Apothecary

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The Flower Attunement Oracle 5-zine bundle by Felicia Howe, Primrose Apothecary

Five single-page zines bundled with a belly band.

Primrose Apothecary
The mission is to help others build self-confidence and courage to overcome self-limitations instilling a deep sense of purpose and self-love through mindfulness and botanical healing flower essence elixirs.

In this five-part series, you will be introduced to ancient ritual practice through the lens of modern-day mindfulness, tarot, numerology, and plant healing.

The inspiration for this succession came about through the Flower Attunement Tarot and the flower essences that correspond with each archetype of the Tarot, providing a remedy for each situation the system offers.
The Tarot has become a valuable tool helping us to perceive life through a different lens and engages our intuition.
Plant healing has been widely used for thousands of years, supporting the mind and body. Together these two modalities work beautifully together, offering insight and support for whatever life presents.

Each zine offers a hands-on tool for self-examination and ritual exercise. Introducing creativity and connection to the natural world.

Any Tarot deck or Oracle can be used, and any level of knowledge is welcomed!
For a more in-depth discovery into the world of flora, I do recommend The Flower Attunement GuideBook or Tarot.

Planetary pathology
known as medical astrology, is an ancient method that is used to describe astrological energy and how it relates to the body.

The flower attunement oracle moon
Explores the influences of each aspect the moon travels through and how it influences our lives, aligning us with flower essences oracles for each transition we move through.

The Flower Attunement tarot
A perusal of the four seasons
Is a blend of cartomancy (the use of using playing cards for divination) with tarot archetypes based on numerology. This zine offers a step-by-step process to determine yearly and monthly themes providing opportunities to connect with each season and nature, invoking a variety of botanical allies providing support through each season.

The Flower Attunement tarot numerology
Everything in the world is made of numbers and can be reduced to numerical value. This series is a quick guide describing the Tarot by its numeric influence and flower essences using planetary and elemental significants.

The Flower Attunement Azoth
The Azoth meaning “ The medicine.”
Here we explore the ancient practice of alchemy described through the art of distillation. This practice was not only intended to transform metals or turn lead into gold but a road map depicting the human's quest of self-examination and transformation. Turning our hindrances into empowerment.