Vague Enough to Satisfy: A Novel - SOLD OUT!

Sold out
Vague Enough to Satisfy: A Novel - SOLD OUT!

Vague Enough to Satisfy is Atlanta author and musician Philip Frobos's debut novel, an observation on aging millennials and their definitive label-less relationships through the eyes of a thirty-something from the South. Robert finds himself on holiday in Germany after weeks of traveling with a music group. At a cafe table for two in the hip and "dangerous" Leipzig, he and his new German friend, Geoff, analyze others actions and mediocrity while jostling insecurities and life's simple impulses around the neighborhood. Under a blazing summer sun, Robert and his friends begin to dig a man-sized hole in Geoff's garden with no end in sight. From lake trips in Saxony surrounded by naked sunbathers and bicycle rides through South Atlanta country trails turned developments, they ramble around to the wee-hours meeting various characters in their natural habitats. Geoff acts as a 21st century Virgil providing blatant advice that proves hard to come by, a rope ladder from the clutches of his own uncertainties. Robert's fiancée arrives in Berlin at the end of the week....

See also, the Vague Enough to Satisfy Original Soundtrack via Upset the Rhythm. [11/2 Update: we're flush out of LP + book bundles!]

Philip Frobos lives in Atlanta, GA, and plays bass and sings in the band Omni. Lately, he enjoys playing tennis, tending to his lemon tree, and making martinis with a twist. He always enjoys spending time with his wife and two cats.