The Fall-Outs FINE YOUNG MEN LP - HEX001

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The Fall-Outs FINE YOUNG MEN LP - HEX001


The first ever recording by the great & much loved Seattle punk and/or garage and/or rock n’ roll and/or mod band the Fall-Outs will be coming out on Hex Enduction Records!

Originally released as an 8 song cassette by Green Monkey Records in 1986. This new LP release has been augmented with two unheard songs from the same session. Remixed & remastered by Kurt Bloch, plus fancy new artwork with photos from the time & liner notes written by the band.

The Fall-Outs would go on to record classic records for Steve Turner of Mudhoney’s Super Electro Sound Recordings & Estrus Records run by Dave Crider from the Mono Men as well as a number of top notch 7”s for various other labels. We feel lucky & PSYCHED to be involved!!!

Only pressing 400!